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Main application advantages of water ring vacuum pump

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The original old vacuum conveying pump obviously has obvious defects in use. For example, it can only transport and extract gas in relatively clean air quality. For some air, it contains relatively high quality water vapor, or a relatively high degree of condensation , Or some toxic, flammable and explosive gases, which makes it difficult to realize the application of vacuum conveying pumps. At this time, the emergence of water ring vacuum pumps meets the needs of the market and caters to the trend of the market. The application advantages are also well recognized by everyone.

Simple structure, easy to use integrated control.

The latest water ring vacuum pump can meet the requirements of water suction, and its structure is relatively simple. You can assemble it for use. It is more convenient to use due to the integrated control. Even inexperienced people can realize the creation of vacuum containers in vacuum environment without worrying about damaging the delivery pump. Relatively speaking, this method is more secure, and it also greatly improves people's work efficiency.

Work safer in a relatively complex work environment.

The emergence of water ring type and vacuum pumps can enable people to extract and transport in relatively special air environments, such as flammable and explosive gases, toxic gases, or water vapor-containing gases, or condensation The creation of a free vacuum environment can be achieved in the particulate gas, and it is not easy to be dangerous during use, and it is relatively safe for the staff. At present, this mechanical equipment has been widely used in China's pharmaceuticals, food, metallurgy, chemical textiles, leather It has been widely used in many industries such as printing and dyeing.

Since this water ring vacuum conveying pump can better meet the needs under harsh working conditions, it has been widely used in many chemical fields, and it has also greatly improved the safety of users and prevented accidents. .

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