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In which fields can vacuum pumps be used?

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Some industries, especially metallurgical, chemical, food and electronics, need to use vacuum environments and vacuum containers in order to achieve completely aseptic operation, and at the same time can be carried out in a vacuum environment, more abundant operations. For example, high temperature heat treatment, such as sterilization. So in which fields can vacuum pumps be used? The specifics of their use are summarized below.

Firstly, it can be used in the field of metallurgy and chemical industry.

The metallurgical and chemical industry also needs the creation of a vacuum environment, so the creation of a vacuum environment is due to this area. The air quality is relatively low. The air may contain more, water vapor, and more solid particles. The use and utilization of vacuum pumps in these environments is worthy of everyone's attention and research.

Secondly, it can be used in the fields of food industry and medicine industry.

China's food and pharmaceuticals need to be processed under absolute vacuum in order to achieve aseptic disinfection and drying. In this process, it is obviously necessary to use a vacuum pump , which can achieve drying, aseptic processing, and also create a better atmosphere, so that food and drugs can be stored for a relatively long time, so it is also widely used in these areas Approved.

Can be used in electronic tubes and picture tubes.

At present, China already has very strong electronic technology capabilities and technologies. Then, for the production and processing of these electronic technology products, vacuum pumps are also needed to achieve better use of tube picture tubes. Most of them are used in electronic technology and are closely related to many areas of work in China, so they can also be used Vacuum pump to create a vacuum environment.

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