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Comprehensive analysis of the abnormal shape of the domestic vacuum pump market

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Comprehensive analysis of the abnormal state of the domestic vacuum pump market

The vacuum pump is a large-scale and wide-ranging cargo. The output is large and the currency value is not high. However, it is indeed an indispensable basic cargo that once indirectly reflects the functional quality of the vacuum complete facility. Vacuum pumps can be divided into 14 categories from high / ultra vacuum to rough / low vacuum:
High / ultra-vacuum-high temperature pump, member pump, sputtering ion pump, titanium sublimation pump, dispersion pump.
Medium vacuum-dry pump, two-stage rotary vane pump, roots pump, oil capacity pump, steam radiation pump.
Coarse / low vacuum-single-stage rotary vane pump, slide valve pump, liquid ring pump, reciprocating vacuum pump.
The market for vacuum pumps changes according to the needs of users. Increasing secondary drive energy in the market comes from the rapid stagnation of the semi-superconductor light industry and the increasing use of dry pumps and member pumps.
At present, the annual sales volume of the global vacuum pump market is about 2 billion US dollars, and the annual increase rate is 7% inside and outside.
There are many domestic manufacturers of vacuum pumps. The annual sales of full vacuum pumps are around 150 million yuan, which is only equivalent to the annual sales of a vacuum pump from the Kinney company in the United States. After a comprehensive analysis of the global vacuum pump market, we can see that the market and use of various types of vacuum pumps have been changing and stagnating. The domestic vacuum pump manufacturing industry has a long history and a weak foundation. Foreign genuine pumps have been used and verified in various non-peer areas. Some pumps have also been imported overseas, losing the recognition of overseas users and being criticized. It should be said that the domestic vacuum pump manufacturing industry There are still huge stagnation times in international markets.
1. Liquid ring pump Although the liquid ring pump is classified as a rough vacuum pump, it still has a large market in the country's alcohol, chemical, wind, light textile, paper, pharmaceutical and other fields. Overseas, the sales of liquid ring pumps account for 14% of the total vacuum pump market, second only to dry pumps, because companies such as Nash, Seimems and Kinney are injecting capital to build factories or build sales networks in their home countries, and have been expanding their market share in their home countries. Because most of the liquid ring pumps are castings, and the processing requirements are not high, they are rest-dense goods. Because the foreign liquid ring pumps have a disadvantage in cooperation in price, the key is to improve the concept, reduce the volume, increase the weight, improve the frequency, and increase the energy. Consuming.
2. Spool valve pump Because the spool valve pump is more durable and reliable, all types of vacuum furnaces, coating machines and boring, dipping and other facilities around the world use the spool valve pump as the foreline pump. However, the casting of the spool valve pump is heavy and the processing task is heavy. Larger because overseas vacuum plants are looking for a competitor in China. In order to make the external spool valve pump enter the domestic market, it is necessary to further increase the pump's vibration noise, eliminate fuel injection and oil leakage, and improve the reliability of the temporary operation of the spool valve pump.
3. Direct-connected rotary vane pumps With the continuous expansion of vacuum skills in various applications, the demand for direct-connected rotary vane pumps is increasing. Because there are many such pump units, the amount of processing and dismantling tasks is large, and the price is low, because some overseas vacuum manufacturers are building amateur factories in China. The mid-year and medium-sized direct-connected rotary vane pumps have passed the technical level, and the price is much cheaper than overseas pumps, because foreign pumps still have disadvantages in cooperation. The key is to deal with shaft seal leakage, rotary vane data, and the functional quality of vacuum pump oil. The results ensure that the direct-connected pump is stable and reliable in high-speed and low-temperature operation. At the same time, it is necessary to further improve the power of the external direct-connected rotary vane pump to remove steam.
4. Roots Pumps From the perspective of overseas Roots pump consumption status, how many overseas noble divisions, such as Leybold, Balzers, Alcatell, Edwards, and ULVAC, compare the sales of each Roots pump to the global Roots pump sales None of them surpassed 5%. The total of these five companies was only 20%. The output of Roots pumps was not large, but the prices of Roots pumps overseas were much higher than foreign pumps. At the moment, almost all heavy or medium-sized high vacuum and medium vacuum parts are internationally. In order to extend the pumping time and improve the frequency of consumption, Roots pumps are equipped, because foreign Roots pumps are bound to occupy the base of the international market and enter the country. In the market, then it is necessary to further increase the vibration noise of the external Roots pump, completely deal with the oil leakage performance of the shaft seal, improve the appearance quality of the pump, and improve the brightness and cleanliness of the pump. In addition, it is necessary to consider that the power frequency of some countries and regions is 60Hz, and it is also necessary to ensure the reliability of temporary operation of the roots pump under the condition of increasing speed.
At present, the international air-cooled in-line air roots pump stopped quickly and was once naive in terms of skills. Because this kind of pump is equipped with a gas icing device above the exhaust port, the entire frozen gas in the middle goes to the pump cavity through the trajectory to freeze the spin, so that the contraction heat is out of balance because this pump can discharge straight air. In order to be satisfied that there is no request for the same ultimate vacuum, this pump can be used in parallel. Normally, an air-cooled straight-line air roots pump is added, and the ultimate vacuum reached is three units higher than that of the previous pump. Because this kind of pump has no task medium in the pump cavity, it is also attributed to the dry pump in practice. At present, such air-cooled in-line air roots pumps and crews have lost the test of temporary operation on the installation of alcohol, chemicals, plastics, pesticides, turbine rotor imbalances, and flight simulation. Implementation and use.
5.Member pumpsMember pumps are being used to replace high temperature pumps in many semi-conductor fields overseas. In particular, installations such as sputtering, etching, and LCVD all use color pumps and traction pumps as main pumps.
Because the pumping speed of the member pump for steam is only a quarter of the pumping speed of the same diameter high temperature pump, because the exhaust time of the member pump is longer than that of the high temperature pump. In order to improve the pumping speed, a high temperature cold plate of -130 ° C to -150 ° C is being installed at the outlet side of the member pump overseas. It is called a high temperature member pump. Water vapor is captured by the high temperature plate, and the remaining gas is pumped away by the member pump. This high-temperature member pump is being used in vacuum coating installation, which improves the frequency of consumption and improves the quality of the coating. With the rapid stagnation of domestic semi-superconductor light industry, mulch property and superstition research industry, member pumps should be the stagnant force of the domestic vacuum pump construction industry. First, member pumps must build a complete series from small to large, and study and develop chemical pumps, traction pumps and high-temperature member pumps of various ethnic groups to satisfy the demand of no place.
6. Dry pumps The market of overseas dry pumps has been increasing, followed by the rapid stagnation of semi-superconductor business, chemical industry, and mulch property. In Oman, the semi-superconductor business has completely replaced the oil-sealed machine pumps with dry vacuum pumps. Over 45% of the European and American semi-superconductor businesses have replaced the oil-sealed machine pumps with dry vacuum pumps, which has greatly improved the function and quality of the goods. In order to be satisfied that there is no request to use the same field and the same working conditions, there are multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps, multi-stage claw vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps, scroll vacuum pumps, reciprocating vacuum pumps and turbo oil-free vacuum pumps. The ultimate pressure is from 10Pa to 10-2Pa, and the pumping speed is from 20m3 / h to 500m3 / h. According to statistics, the use of foreign dry pumps is now more than 1%. Dry pumps for the international semi-superconductor light industry are all exported from overseas, and their prices are very noble. Because, this country should make great efforts to explore and develop dry pumps, so that dry pumps can change the new economic growth point of vacuum light industry in China.

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