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Instructions for using electric submersible pumps

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When the submersible pump works, it is compact and lightweight, and does not have a long shaft from the ground. Therefore, the submersible pump is suitable for rural well water irrigation, and more applications are the type of JQB submersible pump. This submersible pump is a mechanical seal or air seal to dry the inside of the motor from the water invaded by seawater. Pay attention to the following points when using:
(1) Check the pump outlet hole, drainage hole, and the hole and seal on the cable connector for looseness. If it is loose, it must be tightened.
(2) The insulation resistance of the 500-volt shaker should be not less than 0.5 megohm. If it is less than this value, open the drain, vent hole, and dry or dry.
(3) Check the cable, if it is cracked or damaged, replace it to avoid leakage.
(4) Before starting to check all the circuits and switches, see if the wiring is correct and reliable, and then leave it on the ground for 3 to 5 minutes (it should not be too long to avoid damaging parts or burning motor windings), check that the motor amplifier and direction are correct Yes, these are no problems like the previous use of water.
(5) Use a submersible pump that enters the water, instead of letting a cable, apply a rope to the wooden frame at the wellhead. The minimum depth of the inlet pump is 3 meters and 0.5 meters (from the center of the impeller).
(6) During operation, the water level of the well should be regularly observed. The motor cannot be exposed to the water surface and cannot sink into the mud, so as not to affect the heat and combustion of the motor windings. The pump should be raised at any time as the water level in the well changes, where there is water reduction or interruption, the cause should be immediately identified or shut down for inspection. The cable cannot be rubbed on the wall, so the well water of the motor along the core of the cable is worn after entering.
(7) New or renewed the entire sealed box pump. After 50 hours of use, check that the seal is good, because once a month, check that the motor rotor and stator between the shield sleeves are well sealed.
(8) One year, you should check the pump for rust and anti-rust paint. If the submersible pump has not been used for a long time, it should be carefully studied and stored in a dry and ventilated place in the house.

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