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Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump

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真空泵 的工作原理:通过改变机械真空泵排气,维护和实现集体真空密封油密封,泵腔容积的运动部件。 The working principle of the oil-sealed vacuum pump: By changing the exhaust of the mechanical vacuum pump, maintenance and realization of collective vacuum-sealed oil seals, moving parts of the pump cavity volume It seems such a thing, maybe Zheng Ruigao, competing with my tongue is great, not me, and then drinking. I reached the limit, and the stomach was naughty for a while. If you like this wine drink, I didn't expect so much staying power. Then I heard Versace say: "Cheng Rui, you more ... Didn't see her almost fall?" It sounded like a far, sweet arrival. They work on the volume of mechanical pump chambers throughout the plant, reducing the increase in emissions. When the pump cavity becomes the working chamber's capacity, the pump inlet is connected to the air chamber and the largest, until the re-suction amount is far away from the pump suction chamber for the longest time. When the volume is reduced until the pressure of the atmospheric pressure is higher than that of a larger compressed gas discharge valve, the pressure to discharge the gas is lower.
For oil-sealed pump fluids: Large mechanical vacuum pumps, even the best designs, and relative movement between components are currently used, even with high accuracy. The end of the vacuum pump's limit, which is difficult to prevent low vacuum gas from "breaking" the backflow inlet. Then I really do n’t remember, I do n’t even remember how I slept in bed when I got home. In short, when I woke up the next morning and found that his clothes were intact, the room was not vomiting at the scene. In addition, due to the design of the pump, manufacturing and manufacturing are necessarily harmful, and the ultimate vacuum of the assembly gap is reduced. Oil- sealed vacuum pumps are relatively moving between the components and the seal of the exhaust valve; the harmful space filling makes it a much less opportunity for a "breakthrough" of high-pressure gas, more and better sealing performance, which can Higher vacuum.
Vacuum pump oil seal application: Sealed vacuum pump can be divided into film, rotary vane, rotary piston, four multi-cycloid types according to the structure type. I have allergies. The family of two, with large chins, looked like the emperor of the Ming Dynasty had heard my dermatologist made the above statement diagnosis. The reason is that eating too much seafood and drinking too much (or a few mixed together) is combined with chemical reactions. Then, he prescribed a small pile of potions to me and said don't worry, just follow his instructions for a week. At present, the oil-sealed vacuum pump is the most widely used access pump technology. It can be an independent ventilation device with high vacuum and can be used as the first stage vacuum pump exhaust. The vacuum seal industry is widely used in mechanical vacuum pumps, rotary vane pumps and small, medium and large rotary piston pumps. Therefore, it has many sectors in the national economy, such as power vacuum, electronics, light industry, steel, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industrial sectors playing an increasingly important role. Oil-sealed gas ballast vacuum pump, which can exhaust humid air. But now it is not suitable for high oxygen uptake, explosions, ferrous metal, petroleum and corrosive chemical pump seals, and the gas contains dust particles.
Currently, many research institutes and manufacturers are designing and manufacturing water vapor, corrosion resistant, and vacuum sealed pumps. Versace and Zheng Rui said that they sent me home, I refused to die on the train, shouted boycott of Japanese goods (Versace car is Mitsubishi off-road), then danced the car and sang loudly. They can't sit on the bottom and smoke for a while. I'm tired of dancing. I want to talk about a bicycle that was not noticed. The rear window wiper Mitsubishi dragged me. With the development of new technologies, new materials and the application of better performance to meet the needs of the industry a strong adaptability will have a vacuum seal class.

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