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XD-250 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
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1. XD type rotary vane vacuum pumps are single-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps. They are basic equipment for obtaining vacuum. The working principle is shown in Figure 1.
2. XD type rotary vane vacuum pump suction port is equipped with a metal mesh coarse filter. It can prevent solid foreign particles from being sucked into the pump cavity. The oil separator is equipped with an exhaust gas transition device with high-efficiency oil-gas separation effect. When the pump is stopped, the suction valve built into the suction port isolates the pump from the pumped system and prevents the pump oil from returning to the pumped system. The pump is cooled by air. All pumps are driven by direct-coupled motors via elastic couplings.

1. XD type rotary vane vacuum pump is suitable for vacuuming the closed system. Such as vacuum packaging, vacuum forming, vacuum suction.
2. Inlet pressure range: 100Pa ~ 100000 Pa. Outside this range, oil mist will be generated at the exhaust port of the vacuum pump. The working temperature and suction gas temperature of XD type rotary vane vacuum pump should be between 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
3, XD type rotary vane vacuum pump can not remove water or other liquids. Do not remove explosive, flammable, high oxygen content, corrosive gases.
4. Generally supplied motors are not explosion-proof. If explosion-proof or other special requirements are required, the motor must meet the relevant standards.

Model and parameters
Pumping speed (m3 / h)
Authority pressure (Pa)
Timing power (kw)
Pump speed (rev / min)
Loading capacity (L)
Suction port size
Pump weight (kg)
twenty two
Voltage (V)


Structure of XD rotary vane vacuum pump

Performance curve of XD rotary vane vacuum pump:

4.1 Installation
XD type rotary vane vacuum pump should be placed horizontally. be same as XD-type rotary vane vacuum pump can be fixed without almost vibration. There are metric screw holes on the vibration damping pad at the bottom of the pump to fix the pump. Do not push or pull the pump on the ground to avoid damage to the vibration damping pad. For guarantee XD type rotary vane vacuum pump is well cooled. The air inlet and outlet of the cooling air of the pump should be more than 30cm from the surrounding objects. In order to facilitate maintenance, it is recommended to leave a clearance of 0.4m in front of the pump inlet and exhaust port. To facilitate oil draining, a base with a drain pan can be installed. The pump is delivered without oil. After installation, slowly fill the specified vacuum pump oil (see Maintenance 5.1) through the filler port to 3/4 of the height of the oil window.
4.2 Electrical connection of XD type vacuum pump The electrical wiring must be performed by a professional electrician. Use appropriate motor overload protection. Single-phase 220V50HZ XD type rotary vane vacuum pump must ensure that the voltage is within the range of 220V ± 10%. If the voltage is lower than 220V, it must be equipped with AC power regulator. Do not work under low voltage and high voltage for a long time to avoid damage to the motor. After the three-phase asynchronous motor wiring is completed, the motor rotation direction must be checked. The correct rotation direction of the motor is: the rotation direction of the shaft of the motor is viewed counterclockwise from the fan end of the motor. When checking the rotation direction, the suction port should be opened or the suction port should be completely covered with a rubber plate (thickness of 4mm or more), and the power should be turned on for 2 ~ 3 seconds. If it is turned to the right direction, it will feel a strong suction at the suction port or the rubber sheet will hold it tightly. If reversed, reverse any two of the three power cords.
Note: If the pump is running in the wrong direction for a long time, it will be damaged.
4.3 The XD type vacuum pump system is connected to the inlet pipe and the size should be not less than the size of the suction port and as short as possible. Threaded connections are vacuum sealed with Loctite 515 or Teflon tape. If there is dust in the pumped gas, a dust filter must be installed on the pump inlet. If necessary, the exhaust pipe can be connected, and the exhaust pipe should be inclined downward.
4.4 XD type vacuum pump can be started after determining the oil level XD type rotary vane vacuum pump . After the first start and every time the wiring is changed, the vacuum pump must be turned backwards before starting the vacuum pump.
4.5 Before the XD type vacuum pump runs normally, it should be closed the inlet valve. XD type rotary vane vacuum pump is operated for more than 15 minutes under the state of extreme pressure, which can effectively remove water vapor from the gas. The motor should not be started frequently (it should be less than 6 times / hour). It is recommended to install a solenoid valve on the pump intake pipe during intermittent cycle work. Close the solenoid valve during non-working periods to make the pump work at the limit pressure state, so that the motor consumes The power is not much, but it can effectively protect the vacuum pump.
Note: 1. The surface temperature of pumps, pump covers, etc. during normal operation will exceed 70 ° C. Do not touch with your hands. 2. Do not refuel when the pump is running.
4.6 Limit pressure measurement of XD type vacuum pump The limit pressure should be measured directly at the pump suction port with a compression vacuum gauge. The pump should be used for the first time, after being left for a long period of time, and after being replaced with new oil. The air inlet should be closed for at least 1 hour and the pump should reach the working temperature and the pump oil should be fully degassed to measure the ultimate pressure.

5.1 Vacuum pump oil
XD type rotary vane vacuum pump should generally use vacuum pump oil that complies with SH0528-92 standard. Vacuum pump oil with ISO ~ VG100 viscosity grade when the ambient temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Use vacuum pump oil of ISO ~ VG32 viscosity grade when the ambient temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 10 ℃. When the vacuum pump is running, the oil level must be at 1 / 2-4 / 5 of the height of the oil window. The oil level and oil contamination should be checked frequently (once a week is recommended). If the oil level is too low, stop the pump and add suitable vacuum pump oil to 4/5 of the height of the oil window. If the oil is contaminated, the oil will become black, emulsified, and thickened. Change the oil in time.
5.2 XD-type rotary vane vacuum pump replacement of vacuum pump oil and oil filter is recommended to change the oil after the first 150 hours of pump work. After every 500 hours of work, change the oil. At the same time as the oil change, the oil filter should be replaced. If the oil is contaminated, blackened, emulsified and thickened, the oil should be changed in time. Clean the pump before adding new oil.
Cleaning and oil change steps:
1.stop XD type rotary vane vacuum pump will let off the hot oil.
2, XD-type rotary vane vacuum pump screw on the oil plug for 5-10 seconds.
3. Drain the oil.
4. Inject cleaning oil (No. 32 ordinary mechanical oil) to 3/4 of the height of the oil window.
5. Operation XD type rotary vane vacuum pump for 5 ~ 10 minutes.
6, stop XD type rotary vane vacuum pump , drain the oil. If the oil cannot meet the requirements, repeat steps 4 and 5.
7, screw on the oil plug to run 5 to 10 banknotes.
8. Drain the oil.
9. Fill in the specified new vacuum pump oil.
5.3 XD-type rotary vane vacuum pump replacement exhaust filter If the pump temperature rises significantly, the motor current reaches or exceeds the rated current, and there is oil fume at the pump exhaust port, you should check the exhaust filter for blockage. . An exhaust pressure gauge can be installed at the pump filler hole to check whether the filter is blocked. Replace the exhaust filter when the pressure exceeds 0.6 bar (gauge pressure).
5.4 XD type rotary vane vacuum pump cleaning the suction filter The suction filter should be kept clean to prevent the pumping speed from falling.
5.5 XD type rotary vane vacuum pump storage If the pump is left unused for a long time, the oil should be drained and the pump cleaned, and then the new fresh oil should be placed in a dry place.
5.6 XD type rotary vane vacuum pump
A. If you need to order maintenance spare parts, please inform Model and machine number of XD type rotary vane vacuum pump . The model and model number of XD rotary vane vacuum pump can be found on the pump nameplate.
B. Because some maintenance and repair work requires certain expertise, equipment and special tools, please contact the manufacturer for details.
C. XD type rotary vane vacuum pump should be free of oil during transportation. Do not hit oil pipes, oil filters, etc.

Failure phenomenon
1. XD type rotary vane vacuum pump cannot be started
1. Motor wiring is incorrect; voltage is too low
2. Pump or motor stuck
3. Ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃
1. Rewiring; check voltage
2. Remove the motor fan cover to test the pump and motor
???? malfunction
3. Heat the oil to about 30 ℃ before refueling
Prescribed pole
Limit pressure
1. Condensable or gas in pump oil
2. Incorrect measurement method or instrument
3. Contaminated with wrong oil or oil
4. Oil seal leak
5. The pipeline is not tightly sealed
6. Insufficient fuel in the fuel tank
7. Air inlet filter blocked
8. Intake duct is too long or too narrow
9. Stuck or severely worn blades
10. Pump body wear
11. "O" ring deformation and aging
12. Suction valve failure
1. Closed air inlet for 60 minutes
2. Use the correct measurement method or instrument
3. Change the required new oil
4. Change oil seal
5. Check the seal at the pipe connection to clear the leak
6. Check the oil level
7. Clean the air inlet filter
8. Use thick and short intake ducts
9. Swap blade
10. Send to the manufacturer for repair or replacement
11. Replacing the "O" seal
12. Check if the suction valve is flexible
3. Pump starting current or
High working current
1. Oil deterioration
2. Exhaust filter blocked
3. Ambient temperature is below 5 ℃
1. Change the required new oil
2. Changing the exhaust filter
3. Increase ambient temperature
4. Big pump oil consumption
Oil mist with oil droplets
1. Pump too much oil
2. Exhaust filter installed incorrectly or filter material is cracked
3. Exhaust filter blocked
4. Failure of oil return valve, blockage of return pipe
1. Drain too much oil
2. Reinstall or replace the exhaust filter
3. Replace the exhaust filter
4. Check the oil return valve and clean the oil return pipe
5. Pump runs very hot
1. Ambient or suction temperature is too high
2. Insufficient air ventilation cooling pump
3. Too much oil in the pump
4. Insufficient pump oil
5. Oil deterioration
6. Exhaust filter pollution
1. Take measures to cool down
2. Clean the heat sink of the motor and pump and supply enough flowing air to cool the pump
3. Drain excess oil
4. Fill to the specified oil level
5. Change the required new oil
6. Replace the exhaust filter
1. Oil level is too low
2. Exhaust filter blocked
3. Coupling elastic block wear
4. The blade or pump body has abnormal smell and often wears out
1. Come on
2. Replace the exhaust filter
3. Change coupling elastic block
4. Replace worn out parts
1. Pump works without oil or the blade is broken
2. Prolonged operation under wrong steering
3. Sliding bearings work for a long time with little or no oil.
1. Overhaul the pump or replace the blades
2. Correct steering check and blade replacement
3. Refuel and replace failed parts

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