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2XZ-8 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
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2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is a two-stage high-speed direct-connected rotary vane vacuum pump . It has a rotor eccentrically installed in the pump cavity and a rotating blade in the rotor slot. When the rotor drives the rotating blade to rotate, the rotating blade is closely attached to the cavity wall, separating the inlet and exhaust ports, and periodically increasing the volume of the intake cavity and inhaling, while periodically reducing the volume of the exhaust cavity Compress the gas and push open the exhaust valve to exhaust, so as to obtain a vacuum. Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the working principle of a single-stage pump. A double stage is a series of two single stages.

The 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with a gas ballast valve, which has the effect of extending the pump oil use time and preventing the pump oil from mixing with water.

2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise and easy starting. In addition, there are measures to prevent oil return (2XZ-8) and measures to prevent oil leakage from oil seals from contaminating the site.

1. The 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment for obtaining vacuum. It can be used alone, and it can also be used as the fore pump and pre-pump of various high vacuum systems.
2. The air inlet of the pump is continuously open to the atmosphere and must not exceed three minutes.
3. The pump is not suitable for the removal of gases that are corrosive to metals and chemically react with the pump oil and contain particulate dust. Gases that contain too much oxygen and are explosive.
4. The pump may be used as a compression pump or a delivery pump.
5. The working environment of the pump: within the range of 5 ℃ -40 ℃, the relative temperature is not more than 90%, and the inlet pressure is less than 1333Pa to allow long-term continuous operation.
6. When connecting the power supply, connect the wires according to the specifications on the motor label. Pay attention that the direction of rotation of the motor is the same as the direction of the arrow on the support.
7. The diameter of the pipeline to be continuously pumped should be not less than the diameter of the air inlet of the pump, and the pipeline should be short and the number of elbows should be small. At the same time, pay attention to the leakage of the pipeline.
8. Focus on checking the oil level before each start. It is advisable to fill the oil to a height of 4/5 of the diameter of the oil gauge glass when the pump is stopped.
9. The pump oil is clean SY1634-70 No. 1 vacuum pump oil.
10. The 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump can be started at one time under the atmosphere or any vacuum degree. If the XZ-1 single-stage pump is difficult to start, you can remove the intake pipe plug cap to start and then put it into operation.

2XZ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

model Pump down Ultimate vacuum (Pa) Rotating speed jobs Motor Air inlet Oil consumption Pump oil Dimensions Total weight (kg)
speed (rpm) Voltage power Diameter (mm) (L) Temperature rise
(L / S) Qizhenguan Gas ballast (V) (kw) (℃)
2XZ-0.25 0.25 6.7 × 10-1 220 0.12 φ15 0.5 > 40 403 × 130 × 240 16/15
2XZ-0.5 0.5 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380/220 0.18 φ20 0.6 > 40 447 × 168 × 260 17/16
2XZ-1 1 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380/220 0.25 φ20 0.7 > 40 469 × 168 × 260 18/17
2XZ-2 2 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380/220 0.37 φ20 1 > 50 514 × 168 × 282 22/20
2XZ-4 4 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380/220 0.55 φ20 1.2 > 50 565 × 168 × 282 24/22
2XZ-6 6 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380 0.75 KF-40 2 > 60 565 × 200 × 342 50/40
2XZ-8 8 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380 1.1 KF-40 3 > 60 650 × 240 × 430 70/60
2XZ-15 15 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380 1.5 KF-40 4 > 70 700 × 240 × 430 86/75
2XZ-25 25 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380 2.2 KF-50 5 > 70 770 × 240 × 430 98/85
2XZ-30 30 6.7 × 10-2 1.33 1400 380 2.2 KF-50 5.5 > 70 770 × 240 × 430 98/85

1, 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump is not high limit vacuum and its elimination (1) the oil level is too low, there is a large exhaust sound, you can add clean vacuum pump oil.
(2) Pump oil is contaminated by condensable steam. It can be cleaned by gas ballast or replaced with new oil.
(3) 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump port leaks air from external pipes, containers, test instrument pipes, joints, etc. When there is a large leak, there will be a loud exhaust sound, and there will be air exhaust from the exhaust port. The leaking part should be found and eliminated.
(4) The rubber seal of the inlet nozzle or gas ballast valve is improperly assembled, damaged or aged, and should be adjusted or replaced.
(5) 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump has blocked the oil hole in the oil nozzle, you can pull out the oil nozzle to clear the oil hole.
(6) The vacuum system is heavily polluted, including containers, pipes, etc., and should be cleaned.
(7) The 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump rotary vane spring is broken and should be replaced.
(8) Rotary vane, pump body or pump cover is worn, and the gap is too large. It should be inspected, repaired or replaced.
(9) Pump temperature is too high, ventilation and cooling should be improved. If the temperature of the pumped gas is too high, it should be cooled before entering the pump.
2. 2XZ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Fuel Injection (1) The oil level is too high, and excess oil can be pumped in and out.
(2) Pump oil or debris in the mist eliminator should be removed.
3, 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump oil leakage (1) oil drain plug, fuel tank gasket or improper assembly, screw tightened;
(2) The oil gauge is not tightened and the plexiglass is overheated and deformed;
(3) 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump body parts and the connection gasket of the support are not well placed; the oil package is improperly worn or worn; it should be adjusted or replaced.
4, 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump noise (1) the rotary vane spring is broken, the spring can be replaced.
(2) There are burrs, dirt or deformation, and there are obstacles in operation. Check for grinding and cleaning.
(3) Worn bearings and worn parts. Should be trimmed or replaced.
(4) The motor is faulty and should be checked.
5, 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump oil return (1) check valve is not closed, after stopping the pump, the oil level will drop quickly, you can open and stop again, observe the changes or open the inspection.
(2) The oil seals in the two pump covers are improperly fitted or worn, and can be replaced.
(3) The pump cover or pump body is not flat and can be repaired.
(4) The exhaust valve disc is damaged and should be replaced.
Note: Check the ultimate vacuum of the pump, which is subject to the compression type mercury vacuum gauge.

Solemnly explain: The company is not responsible for personal injury and property damage caused by operating in violation of the above provisions.
Directly connected vacuum pumps are strictly prohibited to remove flammable, explosive and toxic gases;
Directly connected vacuum pumps must not remove gases that are corrosive to metals and can react chemically with pump oil;
Direct-coupled vacuum pumps are not allowed to remove gas containing a large amount of water vapor, such as particulate dust;
The temperature of the gas to be pumped must not exceed 80 ° C, and the ambient temperature for use is -5 ° C to 60 ° C;
Direct-connected vacuum pumps are not allowed to be used as compression pumps and delivery pumps;
Directly connected vacuum pumps are strictly prohibited from oil-free operation;
When the pump is running, it is strictly prohibited to block the exhaust port;
① The direct-connected vacuum pump uses a voltage of 192-248V, and the 50Hz socket must be grounded;
② When unplugging the power, be sure to hold the plug, do not grab the power cord to pull the address;
③ Do not place heavy objects on the power line of the direct-connected vacuum pump , and do not allow the power line to be squeezed;
④ Do not use damaged plugs and sockets for direct-connected vacuum pumps ;
⑤ Do not connect or disconnect the power plug with wet hands;
⑥ Do not plug or unplug the power plug or push switch of the direct-connected vacuum pump where there is gas leakage.

① When using 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump , it should be placed horizontally in a dry, ventilated and clean place, with a distance of more than 2cm from the surrounding, and a space distance of not less than 5cm from the front and rear. When installing on the equipment, the fan cover should be guaranteed Normal air intake at the shell end;
②Installation on supporting machines; remove the rubber feet under the base plate and connect them with ST4.2 self-tapping screws. If there are special installation requirements for direct-connected vacuum pumps , please contact our factory;
③ The air inlet can be connected according to the thread requirements of the air inlet, or it can be inserted by a leather tube;
④ If the gas discharged from the direct-connected vacuum pump has an impact on human health or the working environment, you can connect a pipe to the exhaust port to lead to the workplace or perform environmental protection treatment;
⑤ If there is a special need, a solenoid valve can be installed at the air intake of the pump;
⑥ If the extracted gas contains a large amount of water vapor, the temperature is too high, and dust, etc., a corresponding device such as a cooler and a filter should be added to the inlet pipe to avoid affecting the normal use of the pump.

Failure phenomenon
Elimination method of 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump
Low vacuum
1.Insufficient oil Fill up to the centerline of the oil gauge
2.The pump oil is emulsified and unclean Replace with new oil
3.The oil inlet of the pump is blocked or the oil supply is insufficient Clean the oil inlet and clean the filter
4. Leakage of pump connection pipeline container Inspection of connected pipeline containers to prevent leakage
5. Improper pump selection Check the size of the pumped container and recalculate the pump
6. The pump is used for too long, and the gap will increase due to wear of parts. Grind front and rear stator planes, clean, dry, adjust eccentric clearance on top of rotor, reassemble
Oil leak
1.The oil seal is damaged Replace oil seal
2.The connection of the fuel tank is loose or damaged Tighten the screws and replace the O-rings
Fuel injection
1.Too much oil Drain to the oil level
2.Excessive air extraction when the inlet pressure is too high for a long time Use a suitable large pump
Difficult to start
1.The oil temperature is too low The air inlet is open to the atmosphere, intermittently start the motor or heat the pump oil
2.The motor or power supply is faulty Inspection and repair
3. Foreign objects fall into the pump Check elimination

① Keep the 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump clean and prevent debris from entering the pump;
② Maintain the oil level of 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump, and oil-free operation is strictly prohibited;
③ Pay attention to the cleanliness of the 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump oil. If the pump oil becomes dirty, turbid, enters water or other volatile substances and affects the ultimate vacuum, the pump oil should be replaced in time. When changing the new oil, first open the pump for 30 minutes to make the oil thin. Stop the pump, drain the oil from the oil drain hole, and then open the air inlet to run for 1-2 minutes. A small amount of clean pump oil can be added from the air inlet during this time To replace the oil in the pump cavity. Repeated several times, after confirming that the 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump has been cleaned, install the oil drain plug, and then inject clean pump oil from the filler hole to the oil level line;
④ When not in use for a long time, cover the 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump with a good inlet and exhaust cap, and place it in a dry place, pay attention to moisture and rust;
⑤ If it is necessary to install and repair, it must be carried out by professionals who have some experience in repairing the pump, or you can contact the company.
Note: The relevant terms of this manual for pump oil do not apply to oil-free vacuum pump series.

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